my love

Från anonym den 2011-06-12 21:58:21

Praise the lord for being our saviur and reviver! I would love you to help me to pray for my family in law. My new Sister in law who is such a warm and wonderful sister and my new parents in law who has become the mother and father i never had. they have been showing me so much patience and love and they have guided me to god and explained to me when i cant understand, there is something extremly powerful in a mothers love for her child. PRAISE THE LORD FOR WHAT HE DOES FOR YOU AND ME! he works in such fantastic ways and we can never understand how great he is, we can only get a glintch and thats so collossal to us! Please pray for my mother in laws back she has been having backpains for so long now and it really hurts me to see, pray for K. Please pray for my sister in law L and her husband they are wonderful caring and loving people of god. the are about to do some really advanced house bying buisness and they are really taking a chance and the need your prayer! THANK JESUS FOR SHOWING ME SO MUCH LOVE AND LIFTING ME UP SO HIGH! he came to me in jail and changed my life totally and he has been standing right behind me ever since. Thank you and god bless you all.

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